Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A note to all viewing my reviews

Aparently I'm getting responses to my reviews. I've recently been receiving both fan and HATE mail. Well, at least hate mail from one individual. Mr. Rolland took exception to my review at Milwaukee's (now closed) created a profile on a size I help organize, tried to use the profile he created as a billboard and then started flaming on a forum. Being an organizer I was oblidged (regretably) to put a quick and decisive stop to it when innocent members (not myself) were being attacked publically. (My apologizes to the affect members)

I feel I should clarify a few things. My reviews are posted here and nowhere else. I don't even take the opportunity to post my reviews on other sites unless specifically requested by their owners. Its meant as a reference much like Now or Eye Magazine with their entertanment reviews. If anyone doesn't like an aspect of a review, you can ask for clarification or indicate where there might be an error. One person convinced me that Milwaukee's had better than average stage. Upon reflection I agreed and realized that maybe the MC's impression was overshadowing it. So I increased the score there from a 7 to an 8. (The MC Score stands as is)

In my reviews song selection and MC carries the greatest weight for the final grade. The equipment, facilities come next, followed by resturant prices, food quality and service. Its not averaged.

If an MC blatently censors content or singers publically the highest score an MC will receive is a 6.5 MAXIMUM (if he's amazing in all other aspects). So those offended by a bad MC score who censors songs publically (or course one can simply not put the songs in their books and I won't know) be aware of this. The score or policy won't change because you try to flame me. Its my work, its not affected by advertisements or outside pressure. I do it for the benefit of those looking for guide in the much overlooked karaoke world and no other reason. Just so everyone, especially disgruntled MC's know where I stand on my reviews and why. Cheers.


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Also can You recommend a good place to do go Karaoke on a Saturday which specializes in ENGLISH songs and also has separate rooms for parties?


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