Friday, February 02, 2007

What's to come for the New Year (okay its February I know)

Folks I apologize for momentary lapse of reviews and articles. As you may have guessed from my recent postings, I've been busy on a Karaoke project which I believe is mostly concluded. Aside from making sure backups are in place to prevent another mishap that I wrote about from reoccuring everything is ship shape and I can now go back to what we all love: Finding out what's hot (and what's not) with Karaokeland in Toronto.

I have an article I need to publish but Feburary and March there are several places I plan to visit: As you know Jeff Zedic has left for England but a MC has taken over at the Groundhog Pub and Mayday Malone's: Jeremy Skilosi is the new owner of Toronto's best song selection. Can he measure up to one of Toronto's all time best Karaoke MCs? I'll let you know next week. There is also a new karaoke venue at Church/Wellsley with Karaoke MC FooFer, and place called "Grasshopper" at Parliment, the Chick N' Deli at Mt. Pleasent and Eglington as well as The Unicorn near Eglington/Yonge/Mt Pleasent (The Uni as my friends called it) Monday nights (wow a place on MONDAY!!) as well as the The Dufferin Gate in Parkdale. So Karaoke MCs (KJ's) dust off your mixers. We'll have some private box reviews for you as well. There is a new place at Yonge and Gerrard which I held off publish a review on after I visited it because I wanted to give them the chance to improve some poor audio equipment and rectify lack of key changers (they allow you to change pitch which allows more people to participate). The owner of the venue setup XO so I had hoped he intended to set a high standard to top Twister. I'm publishing my review on them as well with or without good equipment next week as they've had more than enough time to get their house in order. So as you can tell there is lots to come. So as they used to say in TV land before Internet and cable tv, "stay turned". Or at least check the blog out once in awhile.

- Jonah


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