Sunday, July 08, 2007

Karaoke Box Software: Does a good package exist?

Folks, as you may recall I asked anyone who knew anything to let me know if they had any information for karaoke box software. So far, few answer (had 2 replies so far) but I'm hopefully you karaoke lovers and professionals will lend a hand. I'm deliberating whether an ideal solution should be written on a Linux platform. Before I do that I'm creating a list of possible packages that already exist. If nothing appears to suit I guess I can take a stab. Someone has already told me if I were to create such a product there would be demand for it. Time will tell all but here is what I have found so far: (Linux, would need some customization but you CAN customize it)

The one from Malysia (VOD) looks particulary good but need to test it.

More to follow hopefully.

People are telling me Unify Karaoke's software doesn't work well. I have yet to try out the rest. I've seen Unify's software (or variation) used in 1 or two places here. Also saw different looking software used in two other venues in Toronto and I'll try to find out that they are. So watch this part of the blog for possible packages for karaoke boxes. Later I'll try out the downloads and see if anything is truly usable for those who are not IT geeks. As they say in TV-Land stay tuned. This could get interesting...

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