Monday, February 19, 2007

Improvements in relation to previously posted Karaoke Info

I got a notice from Jason Rolland informing of a few things which I should pass on. Tequella Sunrise for one thing is on again with different days. I had visied the palce with a friend awhile back and was informed by the staff that karaoke was no longer a regular event but I've been assured that is no longer the case. (I pass Adelaide on my way to a client so I'll have plently of opportunity to stop in the afternoon and make sure there are no crossed signals) I've also been informed that Mr.Rolland has substantially increased his music collection from when I last checked him out. He indicates 30k songs but I won't consider that official until I review his books (someone once told me they had 20k but the books said otherwise). Remember MC's, if the songs are not in the book, I don't count it. Having songs at "at home" or elsewhere else means '0' to me and to anyone else attending.

I had made some non-karaoke related remarks (as an IT consultant) about Mr. Rolland's site being set up for IE only. I've reviewed the site again and a long last I don't get any messages about my not using the insecure, infamous and inhospitable Microsoft Internet Explorer if I use my Apple Powerbook. Unfortuantely on the Windows OS there is STILL this annoying redirect which has no technical reason for being there. Here's the proof:
The redirect is a very simple and pardon my saying, poorly written javascript snippet. Easy to hack, and according to web professionals other than myself (although I'm one of them) very unreliable. Everyone who keeps up with IT security news doesn't use IE 6 (unless you love spyware being placed on your computer without your knowledge via the magic of ActiveX scripting), and IE 7 has a number of compatibility problems with older sites. Consequently a HUGE increase of Firefox users has been recorded in the last year which of course reduces IE users. So Jason, get up with the program (if you don't want to turn off/away customers) and play nice with the rest of the Internet world (W3C standards). To recoin a phrase "IE is soon to no longer be Number 1 for a reason". Jason appears to still have a little work to do on his web site.

There is a new venue that has also opened up by a Karaoke MC company called Flashback Entertainment/Kanary Karaoke:
3757 Keele Street (South of Finch)
Tuesday Nights
Time: 10 PM? (no time given)

Now I will get to reviewing this venue as it's within Toronto Borders (just) but I'm told by an employee that this company has
"just under 3000 songs however our song selections are extremely popular amongst our Karaoke participants".

Karaoke MCs: I'm all for promoting Karaoke and as such I'm posting this info where I can, but if you want me give a good impression you need to get at LEAST 6k songs to get a decent review. With everyone "upping the ante" with 8k, 9k, 11k and even (unofficial) 30k song lists, 3k just isn't competitive in this business and I'd be doing karaoke MC's and participants a great disservice if I said otherwise. Even if they are "extremely popular". The larger lists I've verified have even more "extremely popular" songs so you can't really make up for such a small selection as there are just too many people in Toronto with diverse musical tastes. I'm not trying to be mean but in my 2 years of visiting and writing reviews on this topic I think this karaoke company needs to "get it up" in the selection criteria if they want to avoid disappointing fans. This is especially crucial if they want to keep the younger crowd. (Peter Rockwell and Jason Rolland are particularly popular with these audiences)

More to come soon.

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