Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Health Advisory Alert: XO Karaoke Box


I've never written anything like this before and it greatly pains me to do so, but XO Karaoke (see review), once my favorite karaoke box, has issues with its rooms on the second floor (and possibly the first floor as well) that are unhealthy during the summer months. Lack of proper ventilation on XO's 2nd floor rooms make it like a sauna due to air conditioners that do not even vent air nor can you open a window. The Toronto Karaoke Meetup group when there1 month ago when the weather was still agreeable and with 8 of us in the room within 30 minutes people were complaining about stuffiness, people were sweating and even my glasses were starting to fog. All attempts to vent air with the air conditioner failed (fan turned but suspect the air vent was clogged up) and the air condition could't/wouldn't condition the air at all. The hallway outside had proper working air condition but the door don't allow any air flow. In order to allow people to breath comfortably we had to open the karaoke box door to the outside hall to vent air. The 2nd floor rooms are not air tight but its uncomfortably close. Last year I couldn't bring my group to XO during the summer months for the same reason so this problem has gone unresolved for over a year now and so for the health and well being of karaoke lovers I must advise against using XO Karaoke, or at least its 2nd floor rooms during the summer as the air cannot vent and there is no working air conditioning inside the rooms. Only the outside hallway. You can of course leave your room door open, but people in other rooms would probably be unhappy with that. Anyway, I've to the owners of XO, sorry but this is a health hazard that needs to be fixed, now. When I find this problem fixed I'll remove the advisory. I have repeatedly informed the staff of XO of this issue and there has been no effective action in over a year. With this hot summer, this is in my opinion a potential health hazzard as people are being enclosed in small spaces with no proper ventilation during a time when the temperature can be dangerously hot.

Here is full information in case anyone wants to leave their "two cents" with the management.
XO Karaoke
693 Bloor Street West, 2nd Floor
Toronto ON
416 535-3734
HanJoon Kwon, Manager

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