Thursday, February 22, 2007

New information requested: Support is appreciated

Folks, it appears that some people are actually taking parts of my blog
seriously. Its kind of cool and I am working as hard as I can to keep
new material coming in. The topics of this Karaoke blog have expanded to include
topics like ideal karaoke systems, Laptop versus self-contained
hardware, equipment to use, software to use. I've actually been asked
how to set up an ideal small Karaoke Box in Chicago, how to set up a
laptop here in Toronto and a guy from Florida ask me how to recover songs from his dying CAVS hard drive. You will see a donation button on the right and perhaps a few
small adds. Reason for this is getting the information I provide takes time and resources to collect and publish. So there it is: I have to pay to visit karaoke
boxes, pay for food/drinks at karaoke bars, pay software license and
even equipment in some cases.

Please be assured that this will have no affect my objectivity.(or subjectivity some may argue) The content of my reviews will never be for sale. If a service or product
sucks, I'm going to say so. Period. Likewise if something is fantastic I'm going to say so even if they tell me I suck. Its all about providing useful Karaoke info about Toronto and in some case the world of Karaoke in general. If you think my work is worth anything and would like to help expedite the process feel free to volunteer information (for which credit will be given)or give a small donation to offset my costs(public acknowledgement of donors will be given with permission from the donor). It really does help. Cheers all.

Oh, if anyone one has an old CAVS JB-99 that boots up I'd be interested in buying it. I want to test a software tool I'm writing to speed up loading large amounts of data to it which will be freely available and open source upon successful testing. Currently the method of loading gigs of songs to a JB-99 through the IDE-TO-IDE (by far the fastest) method is VERY technical and error prone (for non-techies). I intend to rectify that with this tool but I need a JB-99 to test it on. As long as it can read a hard drive properly formatted it doesn't matter if it has scratches or non-working cd carousel or no hard drive. Just as long as it is functional (meaning it can ready a properly formatted hard drive and play the songs ). If one could loan me one for 2 weeks that would also be great and would count as a donation. Thanks all.

Jonah A. Libster

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At 9:47 AM, Blogger zubastan said...

I know it's been awhile since you posted this comment, but, did you ever come up with a tool to simplify loading of the JB99 ? I still own 3 in very good condition and it's a pain to load them. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Stan K.
Sound Waves DJ/Karaoke


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