Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Karaoke Box: King N I

This is not a review but rather an impression. Reason is time and resouces. I just did 5 reviews. King N I (curious name) is across from the Reference Library at 836 Younge Street, 2nd Floor. I guess I'm just telling you its there but don't expect too much. Manager told me he has 300 English Songs. (At a Karaoke Box!?!) This place is basically geared to the young Korean community. I know I've said this before but venues with no consideration for the English (or even French) speaking community is a way of saying, don't come if you aren't Korean. What a thing to say in Canada. So much for cultures and races interacting. We speak English and French here regardless of country of origin and all businesses in Canada need to respect that. At least more than this one does. And the initial facilities show it. the place is in somewhat poor repair, it looks more like a series of low end apartments converted (which is probably exactly what it is save for this being an upscale neighborhood so its kindof an eyesore). I asked about this and I got the excuse of "rent here is so high". Regardless if you don't have the resources to properly start a business, don't start it. Staff is new and not terrible well trained. The rates are worse than average to boot. $30 for a small room where the industry standard here is $25 and for selection considerably worse than ANY karaoke box I've heard about in Toronto so far. Given I had just come from a karaoke review I wasn't going to officially review it yet. I would never take any group here due to the ill repaired walls along (but at least it has better ventilation than XO Karaoke right now so). I'm putting this info here so its here but I don't recommend this venue (and that is a lot to say before I've officially reviewed):

Venue Information:
King N I
836 Yonge Street. 2nd Floor
(416) 966 5464
kingandi836 at

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