Monday, October 09, 2006

Karaoke Reviews: Response to Requests from MC's

Something I thought I should let people know: 2 MC's have asked me to postpone reviews till they were ready. I won't mention names or places and I try to oblige to a degree as I understand everyone has an off day or may be starting out. However bear in mind I won't wait forever as I am obliged to write them eventually and fairly soon.

Upon reflection I also feel that people also have a right to know if someone is starting out (for better or worse). This can actually be an advantage, especially if they do better than a veteran. I've seen 3 examples of this so far. If someone is new I have mentioned it in the past and take that into account when recommending or not recommending a venue. Reviews are a double edged sword for KJ/MC's and Karaoke Boxes but the other thing they must bear in mind is that what I do on this blog is primarily for the benefits of the PARTICIPANTS. One cannot effectively serve two masters although I try to be nice where I can. My official policy now is I'll hold off a review for 2 weeks tops if there are significant initial setup problems at a new venue I feel are significant. To serve the participants properly I need an idea of what a TYPICAL karaoke evening will be like. An exceptionally bad evening is often not typical so a postponement or second review may be in order. After that its open season. One should be ready upon a second visit. Ideally I'd love to write A- to A+ reviews everywhere I go, but I have to feel its an 'A' level event first.

It would be interesting if I could do two reviews of every venue and take an average of overall scores. Peter Styles is due for a 3rd look as I've seen 2 other amazing MC's plus the Gladstone actually has food now and I suspect the kitchen has extended hours (they stopped at 9 PM when I was there last) so I must do this before giving the official MC of the year award . Perhaps one day if I have volunteers or am independently wealthy I'll do this. But for now its too difficult so I will only postpone or write a second review in extreme cases and will limit those exceptions to 2-3 times max in a year. I've had 1 or 2 complaints that my blog was not being updated enough so I really need to "haul butt" to keep this a useful tool to karaoke participants.

Oh, KJ/MC's, Karaoke Box Owners: I often have to look very hard to find your venues as they aren't well advertised so...if you'd like some additional recognition let me know your venue(s). If are confident you have an excellent karaoke service/venue, I'll write it up with pleasure. (Both good and not so good points of course)

Jonah A. Libster


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Maria said...

Hi, I just saw your comment on my blog about going to review KAK. The dates where there will be KAK at the Rivoli or anywhere else (sometimes at the Social) are published here:


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