Monday, January 14, 2008

Wait for news publishing, new news

Folks, first my apologizes for the long absence. I've been busy paying my bills with my professional life. With a major milestone completed, I've finally been able to go out a write a few new reviews which will be published shortly. And if course the answer we've all been waiting for: Who is the top Karaoke MC for 2007. Watch for reviews to show up. Credit must be given to the few but generous donations that have come in to help offset my costs for visiting venues (remember I do review the meals as well and each review costs me $10-20 CAD each so thank you donors, you actually make it easier for me to continue). Also to come, big news about CAVS software. Professionals, take note! This may seriously affect you. And of course, the best karaoke software. Been making inquiries and gotten some answer and some no replies. Anyway, Thanks all and "stay tuned" - Jonah



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