Friday, January 18, 2008

CAVS Software Optical Drive Test - Update

Folks, my drives have arrived. I ordered a Asus DRW-2014LT1 Drive and a Liteon DH-20A4H08C Optical device. The Asus model has a SATA interface. Probably should have ready FULL description before ordering it becausing the CAVS software due to the fact it hasn't been updated properly in nearly 10 years (They made their own version of NTFS in the software so that gives you an idea of just how outdated) probably cannot recognized SATA optical drives AT ALL. will make an interesting test. If it works I'll be surprised. The LiteOn disk should work according to LiteOn's not like anyone has ever tested this with the dated (yet"current?!?) CAVS software. So stay tuned, after this weekend (provided I can arrange with the karaoke MC who asked this question in the first place) I'll have answer for these two drives and will probably test a 3rd CD/DVD combo drive (outdated in terms of technology but very inexpensive and outdated technology is what CAVS is sticking to). Again, CAVS, you guys are putting yourselves in a corner. Fear not: My article on CAVS alternatives is on its way so if CAVS doesn't get their software updated fast, they may find their systems going the way of Vista: Being offered, but nobody wants it because the product wasn't made for the client's best interest. (they'd do the CD+G reading on a software level if it was).



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