Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A reminder of my criteria for reviews

Wow, just when I was about to get back on the road to more reviews after a busy (day job wise) few months and a slow 3 months of reviews (have 2 to be published shortly). I am contacted by someone asking me add the "legality" of a host I'm reviewing. Just so everyone understands. I write what I think as a member of the audience. I am not a lawyer. I am not legally qualified to give ANY legal opinion whatsoever. Certainly I am not qualified to judge whether or not any karaoke MC in particular is following all the rules. Not being in the business myself I don't know all of the factors involved. If anyone wants to give objective FACTS (anything about laws in I have to verify legally to post here and quote its reference). Its an interesting topic although given increasing rumors of the RIAA's coming demise and the dwindling US economy (old news at this point I'm sure). I'm not sure its a topic of great interest to the AUDIENCE.

Happy to post something as a matter of information for people looking at going into the business themselves but...I need to be clear on something: I am NOT the RCMP. Does a typical karaoke participant approach a karaoke MC and ask "are all your songs legal"? Never seen anyone do so. Do you as a AUDIENCE members ask to see proof of legal use of every song a karaoke host has? Didn't think so. I review equipment as a member of the AUDIENCE experiences and hears. I review selection according to what an audience would like and overall selection availability. I review hosts according to what I believe people appreciate. Its my opinion and people can agree or disagree. (And people have done both). Its a blog. Some people like it, some think its nonsense. And its all cool. But please, do NOT ask me to alter, modify or even comment on whether everything an MC has is legal. Its not my job as a member of the audience, nor am I a lawyer, nor am I a member of any agency that has any commercial interest. I am not legally or professionally qualified to ask or give opinion on these matter and I will not do so. I have no knowledge and my reviews are STRICTLY from the AUDIENCE point of view. Is it expensive to be legal in the karaoke business? absolutely. I assume that everyone is paying that expense until someone is convicted in a court of law. As the citizens of the USA used to say (until recently), "Innocent until PROVEN guilty". Hope we are all clear on that. Oh, its also been commented that this blog gets a lot of hits. If it does, it is through no special doing of mine. I didn't think there was enough material or frequent enough to get the ranking this blog appears to be getting. That being, said, time to get off the developer's couch I guess and "get back to work" :D



At 7:36 PM, Blogger In need of info said...

Hi there,

I am the coordinator for a organization that fosters relationships between students and adults with disabilities. We are looking to have a Karaoke event on either a Friday or Saturday sometime in February. I know there are Karaoke bars around the city, but we are specifically looking for one that would accomodate adults with intellectual and physical disabilities (does not have to be wheelchair accessible). We are looking for either a private or public event, for a low cost. We also would prefer an atmosphere that is not too busy and would be considerate of people with disabilities.

I appreciate any suggestions, thanks!

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Jonah A. Libster said...

Greetings "In need of info". This is an interesting question and worthwhile of serious thought. Friday and Saturday are by far the BUSIEST nights for Karaoke Bars. There is one place I COULD recommend for a private function, "The Safari Village" (see review, Phone: (416) 406-0534) on Danforth (near Coxwell) has stopped their karaoke events until March due to low turnout. If you have a specific function I'm certain they could get their usual karaoke KJ to come out for this event. My second suggestion would be Twister (see review) at Finch and Yonge which is a private Karaoke Box. If you call the Safari Village, tell Martha (the owner) I referred you and she'll do her best to accomodate you. She is actually a VERY nice lady. Used to be involved with social services I believe - Jonah. PS: If you have other questions suggest you e-mail me with a reply address. its easier and more private than blog postings. Cheers.


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