Monday, March 15, 2010

New Toronto Karaoke T-Shirt

After an amazing session at my Meetup's Karaoke Box meeting, I was inspired to design a t-shirt after my self proclaimed title, "Toronto's BIGGEST Karaoke Fan" it is: I'm getting a few done for some Meeutp members who I feel have shown as much passion for karaoke as I do (maybe...:-)). Then I figured, why not share with others I haven't met who may THINK they can compete for the title. :D I have a GIMP draft but this site seemed convenient. Not quite perfect but it will do until I have time to tweak my design/images. If you'd like one of these shirts e-mail me at karaokeoffer at evolveit dot ca. This is of course only in Toronto only. (Who want's to wear a shirt like this outside of Toronto anyway...?) Need a general t-shirt size of course. If I get at least 10 requests I can get them in at ~$20 each and you can pick one up at a Toronto Karaoke Meetup or I can ship it to you for ~$5. Cheers All!



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