Saturday, February 02, 2008

CAVS compatible Players: Progress report

Folks I'm setting up my own system to test compability with the CAVS CDG disk processing software. I have tested it with the latest Lite-On drives after being told by a technician that they should all support CD+G at a native level. It did NOT support it on the native. The DH-20A4H08C (I purchased) didn't even pass the Nero Info test. So, to the guy at Lite-On Tech support who incorrectly informed me, I must now assume that NONE of the Lite-On drives will support CD+G natively. So because this fellow informed me incorrectly (and its clear Lite-On isn't taking the requirement seriously where as Asus was very specific) I am advising people not to buy Lite-On or LG Optical Devices if you need to use CAVS software. All of them will most likely fail. I will soon test the Asus CD/DVD Combo drive (have one on delivery). The Other model recommended by Asus (DRW-2014L1T) is a SATA. I don't know if the CAVS software will support SATA devices. Will try it but a warning to people with SATA raids, do NOT put an optical device on the same controller as your SATA RAID: It may break it on a RAID 5 and will could corrupt a RAID 1. Most motherboard built-in SATA RAID controllers are cheap, and assume anything on the controller is meant to be used for a RAID. If you have only one controller for SATA RAID and you have RAID configured, buy a separate PCI SATA Controller and put the SATA optical device on that. CAVS, really, UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE. CD+G native drives are becoming an endangered species. Again, Plextor has officially ceased all production of ALL CD+G native drives. There are some people taking serious advantage of this and charging over $90 for an out of production Plextor CDRW only drive that was used by CAVS. Its disappointing to see people taking advantage of this situation and I intended to find drives to put a stop it.

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At 4:10 PM, Blogger Roxy Bromley said...

I'm looking for a venue that hosts a karaoke night on Fridays near the Diesel Playhouse (56 Blue Jays Way).

Any help at all would be deeply appreciated.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger Medoro Marseau said...

Sure you had best re-weighlite-on picking before arriving at a conclusion

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Jonah A. Libster said...

I called checked, wrote e-mail and all the trimmings to Lite-On. If you are a fan fine but keep it objective. Of all the people I asked Asus was the only one to even give me an accurate. Now I have to test more players becase IDE (or PATA) is being phased out entirely and could make play CDG disks difficult. The old CAVS 99 software will be unusable in these cases. Lite-on hasn't been "picked on" they were "picked for testing" and didn't comment nor did they pass the "format info" test. Until someone shows me POSITIVE PROOF, I'll stand by my conclusions.


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